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        Welcome to West Belt Surveying!

        site surveyorCertified Firm No. 10073800

        Site Surveyor West Belt Surveying, Inc. was established in 1998 and is a Houston-based professional land surveying and consulting firm that provides accurate land surveying data vital to the effective planning, design and construction of any project. West Belt Surveying has extensive experience in the following:

        ALTA/NSPS Surveys Topographic Surveys Right-of-Way Mapping As-Built Surveys
        Flood Plain Certificates Boundary Surveys Subdivision Platting GPS Control (Static and RTK)
        Construction Staking Forensic Surveys Tree Surveys

        Our professional team of experienced and licensed surveyors specialize in the fields of civil engineering and architecture in support of commercial, transportation, educational and institutional facilities, municipal and land development projects.

        surveyor field

        West Belt Surveying prides itself on the character and responsiveness of our highly effective and experienced team of dedicated individuals who take responsibility for our clients’ project needs and maintain an active role from start to finish.

        Our goal is to provide a high level of professional expertise and personal, professional service for our clients. Find out how West Belt Surveying can meet all your surveying needs.

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